OpenSource Animation Project

Sources! Sources! Sources!

Sources of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen are available at GitHub now!

Notice, that to build them you need the latest version of Remake – don’t hesitate to get the development git sources. I have provided brief instructions in the README file. Detailed instructions will follow soon.

We giving out all the sources, now it’s you to decide what to do with them. Here’s a few ideas/hints:

  • Add some cool special FX, like focus blur, motion blur, glows and flares (it’s easy to do with Synfig!)
  • Create alternative soundtrack in your native language
  • Trace artwork to vector
  • Paint a random picture and put it on the wall at shot #220
  • Use the characters to create your own story

Have your own idea? Add it to the list here and inspire others!

Sources are provided under the Creative Commons License and you are free to modify, reuse, distribute and do other awesome things. See full license here. Notice, that all visual sources (artwork & animation) are licensed as CC BY, while some soundtrack music have CC BY-SA license. Thus, the final compilation (as a movie file) should be licensed as CC BY-SA.

What else can I say? Go ahead, rip it apart, people!

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