OpenSource Animation Project

Launching episode 2.0

I am happy to announce that we started to work on the second episode of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen. The screenplay is available here. Sorry, it’s in Russian only at the moment.

We plan to do screenplay translation via the Transifex service, but that requires some special preparations – please be patient. Also we want to put some efforts into development of tool that will allow us to automatically convert screenplay translations into subtitles for final movie. So, translating screenplay in your language you will get subtitles as well!

At this moment we already have  storyboarding done. Now we need to scan it and bring into the order. Here’s a few unprocessed pages:

As for the first episode, the production will take 8 months – episode will be released in June 2012. This episode is estimated as at least twice complex than the first and we want to do our best. That’s why we also want to launch funding campaign, but before we should do necessary calculations.

The development process will be completely open. We will update our sources repository at regular basis, so anyone will be able to build and see the progress.

That’s it for today, stay tuned!

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