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Version 2.0 Released

We are happy to announce release of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 2.0. This is a second episode of the trilogy, codename “Challenge”.

English subtitles coming soon. Sources estimated to be published in June 2012 (we need to do a LOT of cleanup and arrangements ^_^” ).

Second Episode: Production Snapshot #2

Storyboard in English

Thanks to efforts of Julia Velkova the storyboard of upcoming second episode is translated into English now!

Download here


Second Episode: Production Snapshot #1

Ok, after my previous post you probably believe that we are really exist and we really do working.  To strengthen (or completely ruin?) your faith even more  we are publishing development snapshot of second episode. This is a preview with draft voicing, no music and sound fx – of course this is a very early preview and it’s a sad look yet. But for the brave ones who are curious about the project status and not afraid of spoilers this might be interesting. Cheers!

Live studio webcams

You might be wondering why there is so few updates last time. The answer is simple – we are busy working hard on the project.

Today we want to introduce an opportunity to watch us working at the project in the studio via live webcam! So, here’s the announcement:


every Monday and Friday

starting from 10:00 till 11:00 UTC

Watch us live here
(you can view broadcast archives when we are offline)

I don’t know how much it will be interesting for non-Russian speaking audience, but at least this is a good proof that we are real. ^_^

Many faces of Saladin

Saladin – the main antagonist of Munchausen series – turned to be the most difficult and discussed character for us. Here we would like to share all the different concept versions of his image:

…And here’s the final concept:

Storyboard of Episode 2.0

Hi! Finally, here’s the storyboard of upcoming episode 2.0.  Enjoy!

Download storyboard