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Version 3.2 Released

As we promised, the conclusion of the Munchausen series is here. As usual, don’t forget to enable English subtitles in YouTube player. ^__^ Enjoy!


Episode 3.2 to be released in 2 weeks

OK, I know you all disappointed.

We have promised Munchausen series to be a trilogy and instead you all see this damn “To be continued…” at the end of the third episode. I know, I know…

But I have a good news. We’re going to keep the promise.

How? The third episode will be released again, as version 3.2. Comparing to all previous releases it will be a double-length episode. It will include episode 3.0 (with some changes) and this time it tell the story till the very end. For sure. So, prepare to see 7 more minutes of Adventures of Boris Munchausen!

When it will happen? This time I can name a real date. Yes, episode will have double-length, but you will not need to wait for whole one year to see it.  In fact we already have it done and it will be released to the public on August 14th, 2013 (near two weeks to wait!).

But that’s not all. For our most impatient viewers we have an offer. If you don’t want to wait for two weeks, you can watch the episode 3.2 right now. Honestly. You can buy a private link to watch by donating any amount through the form below. That’s it.

Buy Now Button

This is just an option if you are impatient to see the story end or just want to give us some support. For all the rest the episode 3.2 will be released and freely available under CC BY-SA license on August 14th.

Stay tuned!

Version 3.0 Released

After the whole year of development, we are happy to release episode 3.0 of Munchausen series! Please don’t forget to enable English subtitles in YouTube player. We hope you like it.


Storyboard of Episode 3

Right at the moment we rushing to finish the new episode of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen.  We were so busy this year, so we haven’t even had time to publish the storyboard. Today I want to close that gap – here it is! (be warned: spoilers inside!)

Download storyboard-ova3-ru.pdf

Enjoy and stay tuned – the release is coming soon.

Version 1.02 released!

We are happy to release another edition for the first episode of Munchausen series. This version have some minor fixes and updates, targeted to bring the general experience into the consistency with the second episode.

But that’s not all! For the first time we are releasing the new version in two languages – English and Russian. Thanks to Alpha3 Recording studio and Richard Paul Wade for making an English dub. We hope you like it.


“FireBird” Festival: 2 awards!

On July 5th “The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 2.0” was screened  at IX Open All-Russian Festival of children animation “FireBird” and got awarded by two diplomas:

– The Сouncil of Young Apprentices Award (kids of 8-15 voted in the “FireBird” program)
– The Prizewinner Award (festival participants voted, choosing 10 best films from the “FireBird” program)


Version 2.0 Released – with subtitles!

We are happy to release episode 2.0 of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen – fully subtitled into English! Special thanks to Julia Velkova for translation and subtitling.