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Version 3.2 Released

As we promised, the conclusion of the Munchausen series is here. As usual, don’t forget to enable English subtitles in YouTube player. ^__^ Enjoy!


Episode 3.2 to be released in 2 weeks

OK, I know you all disappointed.

We have promised Munchausen series to be a trilogy and instead you all see this damn “To be continued…” at the end of the third episode. I know, I know…

But I have a good news. We’re going to keep the promise.

How? The third episode will be released again, as version 3.2. Comparing to all previous releases it will be a double-length episode. It will include episode 3.0 (with some changes) and this time it tell the story till the very end. For sure. So, prepare to see 7 more minutes of Adventures of Boris Munchausen!

When it will happen? This time I can name a real date. Yes, episode will have double-length, but you will not need to wait for whole one year to see it.  In fact we already have it done and it will be released to the public on August 14th, 2013 (near two weeks to wait!).

But that’s not all. For our most impatient viewers we have an offer. If you don’t want to wait for two weeks, you can watch the episode 3.2 right now. Honestly. You can buy a private link to watch by donating any amount through the form below. That’s it.

Buy Now Button

This is just an option if you are impatient to see the story end or just want to give us some support. For all the rest the episode 3.2 will be released and freely available under CC BY-SA license on August 14th.

Stay tuned!

Version 3.0 Released

After the whole year of development, we are happy to release episode 3.0 of Munchausen series! Please don’t forget to enable English subtitles in YouTube player. We hope you like it.


Storyboard of Episode 3

Right at the moment we rushing to finish the new episode of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen.  We were so busy this year, so we haven’t even had time to publish the storyboard. Today I want to close that gap – here it is! (be warned: spoilers inside!)

Download storyboard-ova3-ru.pdf

Enjoy and stay tuned – the release is coming soon.

Version 1.02 released!

We are happy to release another edition for the first episode of Munchausen series. This version have some minor fixes and updates, targeted to bring the general experience into the consistency with the second episode.

But that’s not all! For the first time we are releasing the new version in two languages – English and Russian. Thanks to Alpha3 Recording studio and Richard Paul Wade for making an English dub. We hope you like it.


“FireBird” Festival: 2 awards!

On July 5th “The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 2.0” was screened  at IX Open All-Russian Festival of children animation “FireBird” and got awarded by two diplomas:

– The Сouncil of Young Apprentices Award (kids of 8-15 voted in the “FireBird” program)
– The Prizewinner Award (festival participants voted, choosing 10 best films from the “FireBird” program)


Version 2.0 Released – with subtitles!

We are happy to release episode 2.0 of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen – fully subtitled into English! Special thanks to Julia Velkova for translation and subtitling.


Version 2.0 Released

We are happy to announce release of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 2.0. This is a second episode of the trilogy, codename “Challenge”.

English subtitles coming soon. Sources estimated to be published in June 2012 (we need to do a LOT of cleanup and arrangements ^_^” ).

Second Episode: Production Snapshot #2

Storyboard in English

Thanks to efforts of Julia Velkova the storyboard of upcoming second episode is translated into English now!

Download here


Second Episode: Production Snapshot #1

Ok, after my previous post you probably believe that we are really exist and we really do working.  To strengthen (or completely ruin?) your faith even more  we are publishing development snapshot of second episode. This is a preview with draft voicing, no music and sound fx – of course this is a very early preview and it’s a sad look yet. But for the brave ones who are curious about the project status and not afraid of spoilers this might be interesting. Cheers!

Live studio webcams

You might be wondering why there is so few updates last time. The answer is simple – we are busy working hard on the project.

Today we want to introduce an opportunity to watch us working at the project in the studio via live webcam! So, here’s the announcement:


every Monday and Friday

starting from 10:00 till 11:00 UTC

Watch us live here
(you can view broadcast archives when we are offline)

I don’t know how much it will be interesting for non-Russian speaking audience, but at least this is a good proof that we are real. ^_^

Many faces of Saladin

Saladin – the main antagonist of Munchausen series – turned to be the most difficult and discussed character for us. Here we would like to share all the different concept versions of his image:

…And here’s the final concept:

Storyboard of Episode 2.0

Hi! Finally, here’s the storyboard of upcoming episode 2.0.  Enjoy!

Download storyboard

Launching episode 2.0

I am happy to announce that we started to work on the second episode of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen. The screenplay is available here. Sorry, it’s in Russian only at the moment.

We plan to do screenplay translation via the Transifex service, but that requires some special preparations – please be patient. Also we want to put some efforts into development of tool that will allow us to automatically convert screenplay translations into subtitles for final movie. So, translating screenplay in your language you will get subtitles as well!

At this moment we already have  storyboarding done. Now we need to scan it and bring into the order. Here’s a few unprocessed pages:

As for the first episode, the production will take 8 months – episode will be released in June 2012. This episode is estimated as at least twice complex than the first and we want to do our best. That’s why we also want to launch funding campaign, but before we should do necessary calculations.

The development process will be completely open. We will update our sources repository at regular basis, so anyone will be able to build and see the progress.

That’s it for today, stay tuned!

Version 1.01 Released

We are happy to release The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 1.01. This is a minor update to the first episode, containing some fixes to artwork. See revision history for the full list of changes.


Who is your favorite character?

Sources! Sources! Sources!

Sources of The Adventures of Boris Munchausen are available at GitHub now!

Notice, that to build them you need the latest version of Remake – don’t hesitate to get the development git sources. I have provided brief instructions in the README file. Detailed instructions will follow soon.

We giving out all the sources, now it’s you to decide what to do with them. Here’s a few ideas/hints:

  • Add some cool special FX, like focus blur, motion blur, glows and flares (it’s easy to do with Synfig!)
  • Create alternative soundtrack in your native language
  • Trace artwork to vector
  • Paint a random picture and put it on the wall at shot #220
  • Use the characters to create your own story

Have your own idea? Add it to the list here and inspire others!

Sources are provided under the Creative Commons License and you are free to modify, reuse, distribute and do other awesome things. See full license here. Notice, that all visual sources (artwork & animation) are licensed as CC BY, while some soundtrack music have CC BY-SA license. Thus, the final compilation (as a movie file) should be licensed as CC BY-SA.

What else can I say? Go ahead, rip it apart, people!

Your Expectations

The Story Structure

If you wondering about the amount of episodes planned in the story, here’s a little clarification. Initially screenplay was wrote as a solid composition. But  later we have decided to split it into the following episodes:

  • The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 1.0: Gathering (released)
  • The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 2.0: Challenge
  • The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 3.0: Friendship

Each episode could also have a set “subreleases”, introducing the improvements in the quality of art, animation or even the story flow.  I.e. we may have 1.01,  1.02, 1.11 for first episode, 2.01, 2.02, 2.11 for second episode, and so on. The change in the minor number approximately reflects the amount of changes made.

Version 1.0 Released

Since October 2010 eight kids spent 8 months working on their first animated short. During that period I was teaching them animation with open-source tools and directing their work. Each kid attended the classes 2 times a week and each class was 2 hours long. Now we are happy to present result of their work: The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 1.0.

NOTE: We plan to publish full sources of this animated short very soon. Stay tuned!

EDIT: The sources are published at GitHub now.


Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

See all releases…

The Adventures of Boris Munchausen is an animated short created by the group of Russian kids under direction of open-source animation activist Konstantin Dmitriev.

The animation was created with a purpose to demonstrate what young generation can do with open-source tools utilizing the technologies developed by Morevna Project. In 2011 the animation was translated into English and released to the public together with its sources under Creative Commons BY-SA license.

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